What’s the best social media tool for B2B?

Posted by Mark Sarpa on

This question is asked again and again. Should we be focused on the Facebook? Isn’t Linked-in more for business? How does Twitter relate to my B2B business? We printers are slow to adopt and accept new forms of marketing technology, but eventually we come around. I guess the best answer to this question must be preceded by a question. What are you trying to accomplish with social media?


I really like this article from Print in the Mix, on the social media research done by Optify. The link below may help you determine which social media platform is best for you to focus on. In a nutshell, Facebook drives the most traffic, Linked-in drives the most page views, and Twitter (by a longshot) drives the most leads. Read more here.


What social media tools are you using to drive your business? And more importantly, what’s working well?


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