Customer Retention – With Voice Mail?

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… anything, that works when it comes to customer retention is fair game. Let’s take a short break from liking, tweeting and pinteresting to talk about something called voice mail. Specifically, the voice mail I received on my home phone after a busy day at the office. Remember voice mail?


“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Feldman, this is Anthony from Orkin. I just called to let you know I stopped by your house today to do three things…first off, I did my normal monthly maintenance to keep the pesky unwanted critters outside your house. Secondly, I did a complete foundation treatment to make sure the ants stay away during the difficult spring season. Third, I did a complete wasp-nest inspection because I know this is a common problem in your area. Happy to report I found none, but I will continue to watch for this over the next few months.”


 How’s that make me feel? My first thought was we have a wasp problem out here? My second thought was whose great customer retention plan is this, Anthony’s or Orkin’s? Either way, it’s just brilliant. Okay, subtle brilliance. How many pest control technicians leave voice mails for their clients? I expect a “we serviced your house” sticky note on the door with an invoice. Bravo Anthony, or Orkin.


I understand the day of social media, blogging, mobile marketing, deal-sites, etc., have all arrived and one must pay attention to all forms of marketing communications. However, when it comes to customer retention (here’s a great post from Hubspot on the topic) I much prefer the lesser crowded, old-school mediums of voice mail and direct mail when trying to stand out amongst all the chatter.


How about you?


Scott Feldman


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