Change is hard.

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I think I was in my late 20′s, maybe early 30′s when I asked Mark (my business partner) one of the dumbest questions ever. We had been pouring money into a new system to run our print and fulfillment business. Are you sitting down? Here’s the question…”Mark, when will we be done with this project?” And here is Mark’s very simple one word response, “Never.” And he was, or I should say, is 100% accurate.

Our need to improve our systems and processes, whether by technology, equipment, people or any other means will never be done. When we think it is done, so are we.

I struggle with change. A lot less today, than in past years, but I still struggle. Here’s the irony. In September of 2011, I willingly changed my role from CFO/Sales/Marketing to Innovation/Business Development. As I write this blog, we’re installing a new piece of equipment that I spent a good part of the last three months researching and testing. I have several other initiatives currently under consideration that all require significant change to our current business model. Will our management team make all the right decisions? Of course not. I’m hoping for better than 50 percent.

In the last 8-10 years the print industry has undergone dramatic change. The companies that are willing to adapt, innovate, and take calculated risks are fairing pretty well in an industry that has seen massive failures since 2007. Change can be hard. Ask any printer, newspaper, mortgage broker, travel agent, … well, you get the idea.

What are you doing to help bring about change in your work environment? I’d love to hear from you.


Begrudgingly accepting change,

     Scott FeldmanX

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