Sales and Marketing…is that important?

Posted by Mark Sarpa on

Last week I spent 3 days in Nashville, TN at a user’s conference called Dscoop. It’s for digital printers who run HP Indigo Digital Print Engines. The conference was great and so was downtown Nashville (though I should have skipped the 5th bar).

While I was there I received a call from a client in Atlanta. Only being three hours away, I suggested a personal visit on Monday and that would save me a trip back and forth from the west coast.

Here’s my top three takeaways from our 2 ½ hour meeting in Atlanta.


  1. With regard to marketing, we have a communication problem.
  2. With regard to selling, we have a communication problem.
  3. With regard to communication, we have a communication problem.

Are you seeing any theme here?

I will be the first to tell you that we know automated print manufacturing. Furthermore, we are experts at automated personalized print manufacturing. “So what,” you say. But, but, but, but… shoot, I got nothing.

What a wake up call for me to find a customer who doesn’t know about several of our capabilities, and how to leverage them to help grow her business. We are so fortunate to have fantastic people, processes and equipment. I know it has kept us in business for many years. I can only imagine how great we will be once we figure out that all the great assets we have cannot produce their true potential without a solid sales and marketing effort every single day.

Note to self: get out from behind the desk more often.

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