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PrintHQ has been working in the web-to-print space since 2000. Using e-commerce to print in an automated fashion, direct and digitally opened up so many doors and ideas around printed products to produce, not only in very large quantities, but to also produce in very small quantities (including one-off!). Which brings me to the point. We started producing personalized items for our site in addition to other requests from partners.

Our development process began like most; we’d question workflow, output, production, and of course PERSONALIZATION. We would get quite frustrated in this process because the personalization solutions that include advanced editing for photos and artwork are usually not very advanced for rules based type manipulation. Those personalized storybooks require rules based personalization; for example his/hers and he/she selections need to be populated throughout the story.

Out of this need, a great solution for us was born. We built a system that addresses the rules based type manipulation issue and have since dubbed it our “Personalizator”. This diagram shows how the platform works from a higher level perspective, PS_TechnologySolutions. We understand that many websites may need to use multiple personalization tools to serve their customers. I created a very ugly document that has made sense to people with a significant technology background. That can be found here, Personalizator_2.

To see if this platform could help you serve your customers wanting personalization, we would love to have a conversation by email or by phone. Please email me at or 408.200.2711.




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