A Fulfillment System for the Creation of Cool Notebooks

Posted by Mark Sarpa on

Garnet Hill sells clothing, home décor, and thanks to a promising new partnership, personalized school supplies, including notebooks and folders. The products match a line of Garnet Hill backpacks. Clearly, kids who sport a backpack stuffed with coordinated notebooks and folders are too cool for school.


A very cool chunk of technology makes the whole selling cycle possible. Garnet Hill runs on a VendorNet platform for order management and fulfillment. The company occasionally partners with product providers to sell co-branded goods. In this case,Frecklebox got the call.

The next action item: integrate Frecklebox soup-to-nuts system into Garnet Hill’s super soupy VendorNet-based infrastructure. Done. Done fast. And effectively, thanks to a specialized geek squad of integration experts at Progressive Solutions.

Did you get all that? Spendind. If you want to offer customers unique and highly personalized products, take note of this implementation, which earned an A+ at Garnet Hill, and talk to Mark Sarpa, chief geek at Progressive Solutions.

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