QR You?

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We have some very valuable sources to thank for our QR code education, especially HubSpot. But wait. Before you go, gather a quick little take from us your friends at printhq.com.

Thanks for sticking around. Okay, comScore says 14 million people in the U.S. scanned a QR code with a mobile device in June 2011. Even if they’re off by say, a million, we’re talking about a hot trend here.

The study goes on to report a huge chunk of the massive population of QR scanners tend to have a household income of more than $100,000. An interesting factor is highlighted next: print mags and newspapers lead the charge. This is where about half of QR code scanners find those little black and white darlings. Also near the top of the list: product packaging and websites.

So, you say, who gives a good QR? Marketers. And if you don’t agree marketers absolutely must figure out how to pitch products to the smart phone users of the world, you’re perfectly welcome to click on over to Yahoo! to read more about the love lives of Brad, Angelina and Jennifer.

What’s the point?

QR codes belong in your marketing mix. Please, use ‘em. Use ‘em now. Where? Use ‘em everywhere. What for? To provide discounts, send people to a site, dial your number, etc. They are easy to create, implement,  and test, and they are impossible to ignore.

HubSpot offers some great data in their blog: http://bit.ly/o8hmkg

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