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An interview with web-to-print expert Jennifer Matt, of “The Web and Print”

Insane Inefficiency in Print Procurement Remains the Norm. By Barry Feldman, creative consultant A recent InfoTrends report stated only about 15-20% of today’s print volume is managed and executed with web-to-print technology and will grow to approximately 30% in two years. So I thought, “Bummer. A huge majority of companies with print needs are still doing things the hard way.” I could almost smell the money burning.   I knew I had a compelling thesis: traditional print is inefficient. However, I wanted to get as specific as possible and point out exactly how and why enterprises are blazing through big...

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VendorNet Integration

VendorNet integration delivers a new series of personalized products for a major national retailer. Progressive Solutions develops a custom integration to empower a major national retailer to sell personalized products for kids.   VendorNet offers cross-channel and supply chain management solutions for retail operations aiming to automate and accelerate orders and fulfillment. Recently, an established mail order and ecommerce company specializing in clothing and home décor decided to begin offering school supplies. Their new offerings included personalized notebooks and folders—from Frecklebox—designed to coordinate with their backpack collection. Because the products are co-branded and the two suppliers agreed to work in concert to fulfill...

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