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VendorNet integration delivers a new series of personalized products for a major national retailer.

Progressive Solutions develops a custom integration to empower a major national retailer to sell personalized products for kids.


VendorNet offers cross-channel and supply chain management solutions for retail operations aiming to automate and accelerate orders and fulfillment.

Recently, an established mail order and ecommerce company specializing in clothing and home décor decided to begin offering school supplies. Their new offerings included personalized notebooks and folders—from Frecklebox—designed to coordinate with their backpack collection. Because the products are co-branded and the two suppliers agreed to work in concert to fulfill orders fast and efficiently, a highly customized integration with the VendorNet Commerce Suite was required.

Enter Progressive Solutions, a company specializing in making complex print and fulfillment processes simple, fast, efficient, and profitable. Progressive, which also happens to be the parent company of Frecklebox, is equipped with deep expertise and technical resources for executing backend fulfillment systems.

The company’s technical team delivered a seamless integration, which allowed the retailer to continue capitalizing on its investment in VendorNet solutions while “plugging into” its partner-provider, Frecklebox.

Progressive Solutions offers its services to a variety of retailers, online and off, which aim to deliver unique, premium, personalized products. CEO Mark Sarpa, who oversees all new partnerships claims the successful integration with the VendorNet-based solution should help pave the way for any retail operation interested expanding into “the personalized space.”

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