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You’ve probably heard the term web-to-print or online print portal. Maybe? PrintHQ has been using this technology to help clients automate since 2000. Automated web-to-print solutions continue to open up new and exciting product offerings. Almost anything can now be produced in a one-off fashion and brought to consumers at a reasonable cost. A prime example is our personalized gifts for kids offering From storybooks, to puzzles, to clipboards, all of the 19 product lines can be purchased personalized, in a quantity of one.

 So what’s PPP and why the heck would you need it? The “punch-out” solution we’ve developed is specifically designed to help e-commerce providers offer real-time personalization preview, without ever having to disengage from the original website. The user clicks on a link to personalize a product and there’s no new login required. No user visibility from site A to site B. Furthermore, the user can play all they want with product creation and preview, and nothing ever happens between the two platforms unless someone checks out with a personalized product in their cart. Nifty! If the user makes a purchase, the platforms shake hands and pass order information and artwork to the pre-determined specified production source. This could be one supplier for all products or many suppliers; automated centralized order distribution, that’s nifty too.

You don’t understand? Welcome to the club. It only took our development team 300 times to get this through my thick skull. Now I pretend to understand which lands me in deep dodo frequently. Here’s our graphic explanation for the technology-challenged (that would be most of us) PS_TechnologySolutions.

In summary, this is useless information unless you want to offer real-time personalization on your e-commerce website, without having to invest in a new six-figure platform. To see if PPP can help you serve your customers with personalization, we would love to have a conversation.

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