What is a Web Portal?

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A (hopefully) helpful breakdown

By Chris Hernandez and Leah Pyron

Progressive Solutions is known for solving customer challenges.  One of the ways we do this is building custom web portals. Being two Graphic Communications grads that can’t differentiate HTML from CSS, we decided to start from the beginning when describing a web portal. First, let’s take a look at the last part—“portal,” an opening or gateway from one area to another. Second, “web,” basically the backbone behind anything we do these days.

Those definitions still seem pretty vague. To help wrap our heads around a web portal, we’ve added a familiar word we know and love, web-to-print portal.

When thinking of the web we think new-age, modern, fast. When pondering print, images of Gutenberg typesetting the bible by hand come to mind. Let’s open up a portal and bring these hyper-opposites together!

A web-to-print portal provides an Internet tool to accomplish a wide array of print needs (without having to disturb good ol’ Gutenberg). By accessing a portal via a secure login, users can order customized print collateral to suit their needs. Now these needs can range from user to user, or in this case, from Steve to Amy.

For Steve, the HR Manager at XYZ Electric Company, this means logging on to his back-end portal to place an order for business cards for a new employee. For Amy, owner of Pretty Papers Stationery Design, it means logging on to StationeryHQ to upload her newly-finished Save the Date artwork and have the order shipped to her client, the bride-to-be.

Though Amy and Steve both have the same need – print – their needs are quite different, and that’s the beauty behind a web-to-print portal. It can solve a variety of needs, and it all starts with a simple conversation. Maybe we converse over coffee and discuss more benefits?

Let us know your challenges and opportunities. If we can help (even through a referral), we will. We are happy to discuss web-to-print benefits such as:


  1. Brand consistency
  2. Centralized print resource
  3. Specific user access and capabilities
  4. Customized templates
  5. Fast and reliable online ordering system
  6. Static and dynamic printing options
  7. Reduced production time
  8. The weather, great rock bands, or good restaurants

And no blabbering salesperson to talk to when you need to place an order…unless you want to talk to us…our number is below…along with our email addresses…how do you like your coffee? 

Email: Leah at leah@printhq.com or Chris at chernandez@printhq.com

Phone: 408.982.1790

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