Social Media Overload

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Fresh from a three hour social media presentation, I am taking the time to pass on the best advice I have ever received on this topic. The speaker’s name is Dave Nelsen and his presentation is titled, brace yourself…”Social Media and Social Networking. How To Use It; Why You Can’t Ignore It.”
Are you frightened? Terrified? Me too. Fear not because Dave is funny. Dave is entertaining. Dave makes sense and Dave put us at ease right away. Here’s how.

The first slide of the presentation which seems overwhelming is this: 21 Ideas for Business.“Great,” say you, me and everyone else. “My five hours of sleep per night has now shrunk to two. Thanks a lot, Dave.” What was that, Dave? Can you repeat that? It sounded like you just said, kind of emphatically, almost demanded, that we listen to all your ideas and advice and then choose one, only one, and try it. Did I hear you correctly? Choose one? I think I love you Dave. Please, fire away.

Three hours later Dave is running over. It’s 4:30pm. I’m approaching the end of an eight hourVistage meeting. I’m tired. My brain hurts from information overload. Dave starts to wrap it up and I’m bummed. Seriously. Give me more, Dave. Show me another hilarious video. Give me one more social media nugget. It’s 2am and my crack fix is insatiable. I’ll pay double. Where are you going? I’ve got questions. Dammit Dave!

Well, Dave’s words and advice need to be heard by others so off he runs into the social media stratosphere to help others like me cope with SMO – Social Media Overload. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of Dave’s opening advice to the group. Making our homework (takeaway, next step, call to action, whatever you want to call it) so easy is simply brilliant. Will I use more than one of Dave’s gems that he enthusiastically delivered? You bet I will. But it’s not going to consume me. I’ll start with one. If it works well, maybe I employ my number two favorite in a month or two. If it doesn’t work, I definitely employ my number two, maybe ever quicker.

Dave’s overriding message is; there are many, many good uses of social media and social networking, just try one. And that my friends is far from SMO. It’s a reasonable amount of homework and that makes it doable. Even dummies like me can blog about social media. Who woulda thunk it?

Will you take Dave’s advice? What’s your next step?

Go get social (on your timeline – no pun intended).


Scott Feldman

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