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The first four steps of web-to-print

I am someone who loves sales (except when I lose). I mean the sales process and especially the sales process of web-to-print. I started in web-to-print by selling an idea to our top customer. The site was a custom coded and designed web-to-print system for on-demand books. Remember those technical manuals for high tech companies? We produced quite a few of those from 1990 until 2004. Before you invest in any web-to-print platform like: PageDNA, Presswise, Pageflex, Pixfizz,Red-Tie, or XM-Pie you should take four critical steps. By the way, I know there are many more great web-to-print software providers that I didn’t mention or don’t know about....

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Highlights from Dscoop8 (Spark)

“Sparks” were flying in Nashville, TN during Dscoop8. Conference Chair Howard Owen, CEO of Stafford Printing, and the Dscoop Board Members (including our own Mark Sarpa), pulled out all the stops to make this the best Dscoop to date. Keynote Speakers Mark King, CEO of Taylor Made and Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Media Rock Star, Wine Aficionado, and Future Owner of the New York Jets, delivered captivating and motivating talks that were charged with humor and self-deprecation. Though their deliveries were night and day, their unique messages rang through loud and clear. My favorite session, “Selling to Gen Y and Across Generations,” presented by Jason Ryan Dorsey had me on...

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The future of web-to-print is integration

We have been involved in web-to-print for twelve years. Our first site was probably the most difficult one we ever built. It was a custom coded on-demand book portal for a great customer and consistently generated between $40,000 and $100,000 per month in revenue for over four years. The future of web-to-print is much different from our perspective. While I would love to be able to build and run a company’s website it is just not realistic in the future. While the site above was one of our successes we have had more than our share of failures. Sites we...

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An award for HP (and printers

Hewlett Packard has just won an award for the inks on their Latex machines. The ARTICLE can be seen here and the inks are the first water-based inkjet inks to achieve the Sustainable Product Certification from UL Environment, a business unit of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). We are pleased that all of our large format printing is done on two HP Latex L25500 printers. Frequently it is hard to be “green” without spending extra money. With these latex printers you can get good costing while helping the environment.

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Here are four reasons to use a marketing asset management solution.

I thought about writing an article on reasons to use a marketing asset management solution. Instead I decided to share a white paper written by my colleague, David Dodd. You can download the Four Reasons white paper here.He has some great other resources here. You can review all of his publications at his website here.He discusses all the costs of processing marketing material requests on page 6. Even though the title is listed as “Four Reasons” he even gives us more reasons on page 9 which might benefit your company the most. Feel free to contact David directly at or email me at ...

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