“Whistle While you Work”

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“Whistle While you Work”

 Whistle While you Work is a great book about finding your life’s calling in your workplace. The book, by Richard Leider was recommended to me by Diane Krakora (a great woman), and the CEO ofPartner-Path (a great company). Diane’s calling is “Connecting People”. She’s quite good at it and her recent company name change certainly supports her calling and passion. But enough about Diane. Whose blog is this, anyway?

 The book is more than an interesting read. It actually assists you investigate and determine your calling. This process takes some work and time. I found it to be challenging, fun, and well worth the effort. Turns out my calling is, drumroll please … “Bringing Joy”. Wow, That’s very noble and generous of you, Scott. You should wear a crown and be called, “King Scott, Bringer of Joy”. Not so fast. Truth is I’m not that honorable and benevolent. The truth is my calling makes me happy. Bringing joy to others, while certainly not a bad thing, is my passion because I receive great satisfaction by doing it. Me, me, me, me. Is this selfish? Yes, but in a good way. I’m rewarded from the inside out when bringing joy, just as Diane is when she’s connecting people. We can’t stop ourselves from performing our calling because it is required to fulfill our own happiness.

I have the great fortune and freedom to pursue my calling at Progressive Solutions every day. Of course not every task that lands on my plate is about bringing joy. But with divisions likeFrecklebox, StationeryHQ, and PrintHQ, there’s plenty of opportunity to pursue my passion. I’m grateful for that and the great people that work with me every day. Most folks would describe us as a digital printing company. After all, we do put lots of ink on paper. I see us as a company that simply makes people smile. Whether it’s the result of a beautiful wedding invitation, a personalized children’s book, or an innovative customer retention campaign, someone is going to wind up with a big fat grin on their face. And that my friends is all I can ask for.


I’d love to know if you think you have found your calling and if you get to practice it in your work environment?


Whistle while you  work.


Scott Feldman

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