T.G.I.M. – Thank God It’s Monday

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 I felt compelled to share this excerpt from author Sam Parker, from his little handbook titled Smile & Move.


How can we help one another create and contribute more value each day?

What if we started by eliminating the T.G.I.F. sentiment from our workplaces and schools? What if Fridays became another day of opportunity for service and contribution? What if we pushed it further and stopped perpetuating the idea that Monday is a day of drudgery?

Together, Monday and Friday are 40% of a work week. Imagine the impact if we could get these days back for all those who tend to lose them.

 I understand this is easier said than done, and I’m not trying to say we shouldn’t look forward to big plans for the weekend. There’s no one more guilty of “looking forward” than I. What I took from this reading was: just be your best every day. You only have today. The weekend fun will be there for you whether you give 100% on Friday or not. When Monday arrives, try treating it like any other work day. You’ll feel so much better about your contributions.


“Smile and move”, baby.


Scott Feldman


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