The first four steps of web-to-print

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I am someone who loves sales (except when I lose). I mean the sales process and especially the sales process of web-to-print.

I started in web-to-print by selling an idea to our top customer. The site was a custom coded and designed web-to-print system for on-demand books. Remember those technical manuals for high tech companies? We produced quite a few of those from 1990 until 2004.

Before you invest in any web-to-print platform like: PageDNAPresswisePageflexPixfizz,Red-Tie, or XM-Pie you should take four critical steps. By the way, I know there are many more great web-to-print software providers that I didn’t mention or don’t know about.

The four critical steps are:

  1. Sell it to a customer or a partner (yes, this comes first)

  2. Clearly define what you are trying to accomplish with your web-to-print system
  3. Clearly realize that while most web-to-print companies try to be great partners they are all selling software. It is your responsibility to determine if their platform will actually do what you and your customers need. Remember all systems have flaws.
  4. Charge a price that covers your cost plus a bit of profit (and not from the print)!

Just to give you an idea. I sold one customer a web-to-print system based on demo I did on two platforms I didn’t even own. I explained that with at purchase order of $xx,xxx I could build it on either platform. They chose, I charged, we built. Of course I have also built platforms at our expense because it will generate so much print. The embarrassing part is that I have actually done this more than once. Make people pay!

Once you can tell me that you have done these things I will be happy to share the next steps….
Have a successful year!

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