Highlights from Dscoop8 (Spark)

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“Sparks” were flying in Nashville, TN during Dscoop8. Conference Chair Howard Owen, CEO of Stafford Printing, and the Dscoop Board Members (including our own Mark Sarpa), pulled out all the stops to make this the best Dscoop to date.
Keynote Speakers Mark King, CEO of Taylor Made and Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Media Rock Star, Wine Aficionado, and Future Owner of the New York Jets, delivered captivating and motivating talks that were charged with humor and self-deprecation. Though their deliveries were night and day, their unique messages rang through loud and clear.
My favorite session, “Selling to Gen Y and Across Generations,” presented by Jason Ryan Dorsey had me on the edge of my seat wondering where the last hour went. I just love learning from folks half my age. Fantastic!
On Saturday night our group did manage to leave the Gaylord ecosystem for a few hours. After three days of 72 degree pseudo-outside atrium, the chilly Nashville air felt refreshing. The five bars we managed to squeeze into all had stellar bands and three times the maximum occupancy. Can you say sardine? We managed to have a great time with old friends and “sparked” new relationships as well.
Thanks to all the volunteers, the crew from Smith-Bucklin, the amazing partner exhibitors, and most importantly all the member attendees. You all make it worth the trip across the country.

Scott Feldman

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