Should every franchisee get its own site?

Posted by Mark Sarpa on

HubSpot says, “Yes, Yes and Yes.”


An insightful post from HubSpot makes a compelling case for why every franchisee needs its own website and an Internet marketing strategy. They submit three powerful arguments:












More impressions, more clicks. Franchises that help create websites for local 1.franchisees vastly improve exposure via search engines.

2.Allowing for localization. Why slap a ball and chain on every franchisor when a little localization and customization is all it takes to make the site more effective? The web technology of today makes it ultra-easy to put flexible controls in place while enforcing a chosen set of policies.

3.Social media clicks in. HubSpot explains the franchisees’ reach is amplified when their sites and social media outlets are connected. And the local business is far more effective in engaging its audience.

All good. Get the complete story here: “3 Reasons Every Franchisee Needs Its Own Website.” And get a print expert to unravel some of the mysteries of web portal technology here: Contact us.

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