5 Great Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Web-to-Print Marketing Portal

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5 Great Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Web-to-Print Marketing Portal

Okay, okay, you don’t need a web-to-print marketing portal. I get it. Next time you hear from a pestering solutions provider on this very topic just use one of the following reasons to explain why this technology has no benefits to your organization.

  1. Web-to-Print Portals Are Too Expensive

    Damn right. These solutions can be extremely pricey. At PrintHQ we are concurrently building no less than five portal solutions. The least expensive is $5,000 and the top-end ultra-custom solution with a six month build and implementation, dare I say, crosses over to the dreaded six figures. OUCH! But let’s come clean here. These solutions are investments, not expenses. Each has ROI metrics that support the initial and ongoing investment. If they don’t, any reputable solutions company would not entertain the idea of building it. The need to have our reputation slung in to the mud is not in our mission statement.
  1. Brand Consistency is Not That Important 
        Whether your logo is bright orange, burnt orange, or even red, most people could care less. They recognize our logo whether it comes           from “Darla’s Digital Printing” or “Signage by Sammy.” Uh, you might want to use this excuse only as an extreme desperate measure.           Here’s why…9 Tips for Brand Consistency.
    1. I Love Jane“Jane is great. Jane is a team player. She moves mountains with a mouse click.”  I love her too. But Jane costs the company a lot of money to set business card art, change flier graphics, or manage slight modifications of each and every collateral piece. If Jane is great, or even good, there’s plenty of opportunity for her to shine and add more value to your company; meanwhile the print automation process rumbles on without her.
    1. Our Product Specifications Never Change

      “Our product is very stable. We believe the 8-track is here to stay. There’s no need to be nimble in our marketplace. Honestly Scott, I can’t remember the last time we had to scrap marketing materials. Of course, I also can’t remember the last time we sold anything.”

             Perhaps this might be a good time to update the resume, assuming you’ve got some calligraphy talent and a good stack of parchment          paper.

    1. The Channel Doesn’t Need a Web-to-Print Portal

      Which channel wouldn’t benefit? Your employees, your franchisees, your stores, your resellers? No matter what channel your asset management system or print portal serves, moving the solution from transactional to process will speed delivery, ease internal resources, improve communications, and ultimately add more value than you can imagine.

             Alright,You're armed.You're dangerous.Now get out there and protect your marketing infrastructure before someone replaces it with a            little technology.


           Change is hard,

           Scott Feldman


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