Management Team at Progressive Solutions

A solid, enthusiastic group of experts make it happen here. We’d like to introduce you to some of the key players...

Mark Sarpa

Just a few years after earning a business degree and MBA, Mark teamed with Scott Feldman to form Progressive Solutions. As the company’s chief executive officer, Mark directs manufacturing, technology, and finance. Away from work,  generally attempts to keep up with his wife and three kids. As someone who has been in the print industry for 31 years (as of 2018) he has seen many changes including the explosion of digital printing throughout 1990s and 2000s.

Erin Sarpa

Erin balances her time between running her own design company, E and I Design, her licensed product brand of Simon and Kabuki, and her work at Progressive. She runs marketing and product for Progressive Solutions, StationeryHQ and Frecklebox. In her free time, Erin tells Mark what to do.


We believe in transparency, so here is the whole story.

We started as a print brokerage partnership in Mark's two-bedroom apartment in Santa Clara in July of 1990 after Mark was fired at his previous company (yes, it would make a good TV movie). The legal name is Sarpa-Feldman Enterprises, Inc. DBA Progressive Solutions came about when we incorporated in 1994 and a little insurance company you may have heard of had the nerve to take all the corporate names related to Progressive and there was already a software company called Progressive Solutions, Inc. in California (who would have thought?).

By the mid '90s, it was time to develop a website, and since our name was already taken, we went with We thought it had a nice ring to it. 

Scott Feldman retired from the company in July of 1990 and it still an owner/investor and still gives great advice to Mark