Option 2 - SINP: Standard XML integration / new products

We love standard integrations on new products because that is part of our core mission. To enable creative ideas. Of course this costs a bit more, can take longer, and requires more discussion depending on what you are trying to accomplish. How long it takes may depend on whether they are variations of products we produce for others, products on StationeryHQ.com or on Freklebox.com, i.e. journals in different sizes, or a brand new idea. These are straightforward to add once we work out how we will produce them and the required volume to make it work for us and you (from a cost perspective). Once we complete the above the process follows the same steps as Option 1 which is to create a customer ID, work with your development team to integrate, approve your credit and test technology and product integrations.


We call this SXNP and please plan on four weeks for this process and the estimated required budget is $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the number or products you plan create and to integrate. The example above with the journals would probably just add the minimum $500 additional to create the workflow for the product.


Please email sales@printhq.com to schedule the initial conversation to see if we are a fit for your goals.