Option 5 - CIwPEP: Custom integration with personalization technology and existing products

Now these can also be the fun ones with different goals. With Frecklebox.com we were the first children's personalized book company to offer real time preview of the actual book online in 2008. We know Zazzle, CafePress, TinyPrints and a few others had personalization technology however they were generally single or two page previews. This is different.


Personalization technology comes in many flavors these days and rest assured all of them (including ours) have their faults or challenges. For Frecklebox.com we had to develop rules based personalization. For other sites we developed image based personalization and others had text based personalization technology.


Because of these different technologies we built our CAPOW platform to integrate multiple personalization technologies into one common infrastructure. We recognized years ago that companies would want to be able to offer all of these technologies within the same platform. 


Needless to say you won't find any estimates of costs or timelines here. It takes a while to even develop a scope of work. 


It starts with a conversation, whether by email or phone. If we are not a good fit we might even be able to recommend someone who can help you accomplish your goals.


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