Mark Sarpa, Progressive Solutions/ PrintHQ founder, on tech integration…

At Progressive we are as much a technology company as an automated
printing company. Our technology stack includes many platforms to
encompass the various needs and differences within our customer base.
Our stack is designed to be integrated to our clients at any stage. We
can provide an end-to-end solution while even integrating with other
manufacturers, even those within other countries. We can just be the
personalization engine which acts as a punch out from our customer portal
or website.

Mark on integration…

We even build complex integrations. In 2011 we built a platform that
provided multiple integration points including direct access, integration
with an inventory ordering platform and even integrated with our
customers SalesForce application. Their sales representatives can order
customized collateral without ever leaving Salesforce. The salesperson
can even choose whether the customized collateral is delivered in an
electronic or printed version.


In 2012 we developed the CAPOW platform. CAPOW stands for Complete Automated Personalized Ordering Workflow.