What is fulfillment to you?

At Progressive Solutions, fulfillment can take many shapes and call for a wide variety of services. The crux of it all: we produce, package and ship whatever your project requires. The task might be as simple as finishing and assembling a kit of materials or a complex global distribution program calling for turnkey services. In each and every case, if your materials start in our production facility and then go out our back door, we’ll handle it efficiently and effectively. In doing so, we’ll map out an execution plan complete with details regarding processes, materials, schedules, budgets, QA controls and reporting.

A turnkey fulfillment example

A large computer and electronics manufacturer engaged Progressive Solutions to create and execute a complex collateral distribution project to fulfill the needs of its thriving sales channel partner program. The soups-to-nuts project involved printing personalized letters and collateral, procurement, packaging, media replication, kitting of all components, and complying with a carefully timed, global distribution schedule.

Backend distribution

For collateral, direct mail, documentation support, the delivery of printed products, and more, Progressive Solutions handles backend distribution. To meet the fulfillment needs of a large stationery company, we produce customized products and deliver a complete tracking system with the use of barcode scanning. The status of every order is loaded into the customer’s data systems via an XML feed for real-time status checking.